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The goal of Iron Clad Press is to introduce “Tomorrow’s Writers Today.” However, Iron Clad Press does more than this, featuring many distinguished writers as well. Started by the late John P. Manning, Jr., John’s dream is being carried on by his widow, DeAnna Manning, CEO, and Stormy Medina, Creative Director and Chief Editor.

Come try out the horror novel, “Black Stump Ridge” (set in the vicinity of Chattanooga), and horror anthologies, “What Scares the Boogey Man?”, “Terror By Gaslight,” the first book in the Night Chill Series and the recently released second book in the series, “Dark Corners”.

Night Chills Volume 2
Dark Corners

There’s something terrifying around every turn. When the world as we know it has ended and all that remains of humanity’s earthly-ways are the stories that reside within the libraries of the space habitats, the view of humanity can be skewed. In these twenty-four stories is a sample of how the earthly mind worked, how it delighted in terrifying, how it indulged in the horrific. What must our future selves think of us? This second volume in the Night Chills series offers tales from authors who joined us in Terror by Gaslight, as well as some new and delightful minds. Rie Sheridan Rose, Wayne Borean, R. E. Hinkle, Catherine Stovall, and John Manning himself are among those who have filled the pages of this volume with a sprinkling of humor and a large dose of chills.


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Night Chills Volume 1
Terror by Gaslight
Twenty tales of terror, dark fantasy, and macabre humor from authors in Canada and the United States spanning seven decades – 1860 thru 1929. Ten authors from What Scares the Boogeyman? return and are joined by ten new writers:

Jason Cordova – Michael H. Hanson – Richard Groller – Rie Sheridan Rose
Brian Bigelow – Larry Atchley, Jr. – Forrest Hedrick
Shebat Legion – Shirley Meier – Ethan Nahte – Benjamin Bement
Deborah Koren – John Manning – Austin Sirkin – W. B. Alexander
Jack W. Finley – Wayne Borean – Robert M. Price and Charles Garofalo
Bill Snider – Tom Barczak

Tobias Fox rides into a dusty Texas town to investigate stories of terrible doings in Nightwalker. What he finds is not what he expected.
Two men face off against an alien terror on the moon’s surface in The Strange and Terrifying Mystery of Luna Colony – a tale of horror in a steampunk setting.
It is the lunch hour on Fleet Street. Conversations and chance encounters take place amidst the delectable aromas of Mrs. Lovett’s savory meat pies in Cab Ride.

John Manning
John Manning (1947 – 2015) was born on Halloween night in Wyandotte, Michigan. As soon as he was old enough to read he was fascinated with horror and dark fantasy stories. He finally – after many starts and stops over the decades – broke out with his 2011 release of Black Stump Ridge. He followed that with his short story, Disclaimer, which appears in Lawyers in Hell, a shared world anthology edited by Janet and Chris Morris. His next short story, “Showdown at Brimstone Arsenal,” appears in Rogues in Hell, also edited by Janet and Chris Morris. His short story “Asylum” appeard in Sha’Daa III – Pawns, edited by Michael H. Hanson and Ed McKeown. His first anthology by Iron Clad Press is “What Scares the Boogeyman?” edited by him and containing 19 short stories by writers from the US, Australia, Canada, and Germany. The first book in the “Night Chills” series is “Terror By Gaslight’. The last book which he edited is “Dark Corners” second book in the “Night Chills” series. John surcomed to leukemia after a long hard battle on January 6, 2015.

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